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Welcome. I am Emma Dunn, a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Teacher

As Insightfulness, I Provide a Safe & Confidential Space for Counselling, Psychotherapy & Mindfulness in Rastrick, West Yorkshire

The world of counselling and psychotherapy can be confusing, especially if you have never felt the need for counselling before. Counselling can be useful for anyone, but usually is associated with depression, anxiety or stress. I also work with couples. The 4 key aspects of my work at Insightfulness are:

  • Counselling and psychotherapy for those who are unhappy, depressed, anxious or stressed.
  • Psychotherapy for those with disordered eating, addictive behaviours or patterns of behaviour that can cause harm.
  • Supporting you through ‘existential’ problems.
  • Incorporating Mindfulness into daily living.

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Making an Appointment

I have appointments on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday during the day, and on Wednesdays in the evening. Appointments last an hour. Your initial assessment appointment is also 60 minutes.

To make an enquiry you can call me on my mobile: 07419 324764, submit an Initial Enquiry Form or email me here.

Counselling, psychotherapy & mindfulness in Rastrick, Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

I aim to work flexibly to meet your needs. This can be offering you a non-judgmental space to talk and be heard as you deal with something that is upsetting or difficult to manage. It can be focused to help with anxiety, or it might be inquisitive and challenging to unravel aspects of your life that you struggle with.

Whatever way we work together, counselling can be life changing.

Emma Dunn is a psychotherapist, counsellor & mindfulness trainer.

My counselling room

My cosy counselling room is located in a residential area of Rastrick, West Yorkshire, within travelling distance of Halifax, Elland, Scholes, Sowerby Bridge, Cleckheaton, Wakefield, Calderdale, Leeds, Huddersfield and Bradford. Brighouse railway station is just 0.6 miles away and Fixby, Sheepridge, Deighton, Hartshead Moor Top, Hove Edge, Lightcliffe, Bailiff Bridge, Lower Wyke, Hipperholme, Shibden, Siddal & Dewsbury are all close by.

Emma treats those with anxiety, using a variety of techniques including mindfulness and grounding.

Anxiety can be debilitating and stop you doing the things you enjoy. Anxiety is often a consequence of getting caught up in thoughts and worries, which then take over everything. I use many ideas from mindfulness to help people have a different relationship with thoughts.

Anxiety can be hard to overcome; it is not logical and sometimes we can behave in a way that is irrational. I use ‘grounding’ techniques, which often help when anxiety is overwhelming.

Depression and feelings of self-doubt are also treated at Insightfulness.

There are many reasons why people suffer with depression. You might wish to understand your depression; we can work together to do this. Usually alongside depression is a lack of positivity towards yourself — doubt, criticism or feelings of low worth. Working on these can be helpful and begin to enable hope.

Eating disorders can also be treated by counselling at Insightfulness.

From an early age, food can be used to manipulate; either parents manipulating children or the other way around. This can have long-term effects on food choices, over- and under-eating, food cravings and food denial.
Dieting, especially Yo-Yo dieting, is known to be harmful to people’s metabolism. Dieting also leads to people not recognising hunger and fullness. In my counselling work I work to help individuals who are not comfortable around food.

Emma's counselling can help those living with 'Existential Angst'.

Living with ourselves, our mortality, our expectations, our desire for meaning to our lives, our need to know — all these issues and more can be described as ‘Existential Angst’. There often are no answers but counselling can enable you to be OK with that — or we can help form our own answers.

Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness has become an important part of my life; I now offer a variety of courses, and include it in my therapy.

I teach the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR), an 8-week course that has evidence supporting its use for anxiety, stress and chronic illness.

I also provide introductory courses. These are more accessible for those with limited income, and can help you decide whether the MBSR course is for you.

I run a course; Eating and Mindfulness. This is aimed at anyone who has a relationship with food that they feel is unhelpful. This course is for a maximum of 5 people.

Finally, I offer bespoke mindfulness packages. I am able to teach mindfulness to groups, local organisations, schools and within public services. I can support in-house training events and also advise about accessing mindfulness to improve resilience and decrease stress.

  • Emma offers a variety of mindfulness courses and includes mindfulness within her therapy sessions.
  • Emma offers a variety of mindfulness courses and includes mindfulness within her therapy sessions.