Welcome to Emma Dunn Counselling and Psychotherapy.

The world of counselling and psychotherapy can be confusing, especially if you have never felt the need for counselling before. Counselling can be useful for anyone, but usually is associated with depression, anxiety and stress. To help understand about the service I offer at Insightfulness I have identified 5 key areas.

You may find my other pages useful too, especially the FAQ.

  • I provide counselling for those who are unhappy, depressed, anxious & stressed.
  • I provide psychotherapy for those with disordered eating, addictive behaviours or who self harm.
  • I provide psychotherapy for longer term work which often involves unravelling how the past affects you now.
  • I have specialist knowledge to provide counselling for those with a medical condition, for example diabetes or obesity.
  • I work with existential problems.
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Making an Appointment

I have appointments on Monday, Tuesday and Friday during the day, and on Wednesdays in the evening. Appointments last an hour. Your initial assessment appointment is up to 50 minutes, but may be shorter.

To make an enquiry you can call me on my mobile:  07419 324764, submit an Initial Enquiry Form or email me here.

Hourly sessions – £50

Initial assessment – £30
Concessions available