Self Compassion- How to Build Resilience during the Covid Pandemic 2020

Compassion-An Introduction. I first began learning about compassion through the work of Paul Gilbert. Through Gilbert’s work I have learnt that being compassionate is something that we are born with. He says it is important in the regulation of our emotions. He describes our motivational system as 3-fold: We are motivated to avoid danger and […]

Book Review: Unshame- healing trauma-based shame through psychotherapy by Carolyn Spring

Shame   Everyone has it   No-one wants to talk about it   But the less we talk about it   The more we have of it Brene Brown   Overview The author, Carolyn Spring, writes about her 9 years experience of psychotherapy. She focuses on her insights into her shame. Carolyn experienced extreme traumatic […]


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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): An 8 week course in Brighouse

Emma Dunn-MBSR Course Tutor I live and work in Rastrick and am excited to bring this well established, evidenced based mindfulness programme to Brighouse. I was a participant in an MBSR 8 week course in early 2016, not quite sure what to expect, but hoping this course would satisfy my appetite for meditation. I convinced […]

Christmas Stress-How to change your mindset using Mindfulness

Christmas Stress – How to change your mindset at Christmas Anyone hosting Christmas will be aware of all the jobs that need to be done, the presents and party clothes to buy, food to be ordered, the list can go on. For those having Christmas alone, or if this year is the first without a […]

Mindfulness- making use of our tidy brain

The Brain and Automatic Pilot My experience and understanding of mindfulness has led me to acknowledge the power thoughts have to manifest as reality. A thought is not reality, it is a specific activity of the brain. Do you realise our thoughts  motivate our actions and behaviours even when they are not real! The human […]

Introduction to Mindfulness. Available in Brighouse, a balance of theory, shared experience and meditations.

Experience of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

This mindfulness novice gets serious It is a while since my last blog on Mindfulness and a lot has happened. I have really noticed a difference in my mood, and reactivity to situations. I find I  notice my mood change and feel equipped to control it before I do something I might regret. My whole […]

Book Review Mindful Emotional Eating; Mindfulness skills to control cravings, eat in moderation and optimize coping.

Book Review  Pavel G. Somov- Mindful Emotional Eating; Mindfulness skills to control cravings, eat in moderation and optimize coping. (2015) Review Written for both the client and the clinician this book is in 3 parts. In the first part the author describes his model of working to enable ‘Mindful Emotional Eating’ (MEE). The second is how […]

Book Review: A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled by Ruby Wax

Book Review Ruby Wax- A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled Ruby Wax is known to me firstly as a comedian and more recently a Master of Mindfulness based cognitive therapy. It is because of the latter and her potential to reach the masses that I wanted to review her book, to help others decide whether […]

Mindfulness meditation for novices-Part 3 ‘The mindfulness muscle’-it needs to be exercised!

I have been committed to mindfulness for a while. I love mindfulness, its simplicity, its obvious common sense and the fact it challenges the divergence of science and spirituality.  I have an insight into its works at a physiological level and a belief in its value to all. My bookcase is beginning to fill. My […]